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Richful Thinking #6 – The Buyer Consultation

In this episode, we explain what the buyer consultation is, how to go about it and tips and tricks that real estate agents need to gain control of the home buying process and work the best buyers that are searching for homes in today’s market.

Richful Thinking #5 – The Ultimate Success Calendar

With so many important things in our life, how do we figure out what is most important? How do we ensure everything that needs to get done, actually gets done? How do we know what we can give away? How do we protect our time? We explain it all here.

Richful Thinking #4 – Negotiating Contracts, Practice, & Role Play

In this episode of the Richful Thinking Podcast we talk about the differences between being a facilitator and being a negotiator and how top agents know what to say and when to say it. We also talk about why LeBron James and Michael Jordan always had the ball when the game was on the line. 

Richful Thinking #3 – Appointments

In this episode, we break down the necessary steps to take to determine how many appointments we need to go on to reach our goals.

Richful Thinking #2 – Lead Follow Up

As a real estate agent builds its business one the most crucial things we can do is follow up with our database consistently. In this episode, we discuss lead follow up and the mindset around how top producers look at their database. 

Richful Thinking #1 Lead Generation

In this episode, we take a dive deep into what lead generation looks like for top real estate agents. There are certain things that top agents do every day to build and grow their real estate business. Here, we talk about a lot of them.