Month: February 2020

Richful Thinking #9 – How Much Does It Cost To Lose Business?

Do you beat yourself up when you see that a friend, family member or person that you know buys, sells or invests in real estate without working with you? What would have to change in your business to never lose another sale to a friend, family or person that you know? In this episode of the podcast, we talk about how to calculate the Opportunity Cost, what it looks like and a few steps you can take today to start working towards never letting that happen again.

Richful Thinking #8 – Value

We are paid in direct proportion to the value we provide. In the absence of value, money becomes an object. Are you TRULY providing value as a real estate professional or are you acting like a commodity? In this episode of the podcast we explain… 

Richful Thinking #7 – Perfection

How do we get past the idea of perfection? How do we get past the idea that things don’t need to be perfect? Done is better than perfect. Perfection holds us back. Perfection is toxic to our success. Perfection gets in the way of taking action. Perfection doesn’t move the ball forward.